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If your school maintains a Student Health Center where students are charged for medical treatment, you need a group Student Health Insurance policy to provide coverage for medical expenses incurred. Student insurance policies are designed so that they provide 100% reimbursement for covered medical treatment at the Student Health Center, and with a waiver of the deductible.

A personal health insurance policy will do little to assist with charges incurred at the school’s Student Health Center. Many students may present evidence of existing health insurance coverage, but most of these plans come with high deductibles. Until the deductible is satisfied, medical expenses are the student’s responsibility. Most medical costs are unexpected, and the student will not be prepared to pay.

Student insurance policies are underwritten to conform to the benefits required by the Affordable Care Act. These policies include all preventive benefits mandated by the Act, full coverage for pre-existing conditions, and unlimited maximum benefits. Out-of-pocket expenses are limited. Prescription drug cards where students need only to pay a small co-payment when they pick up medications are typically included.

For the student, these plans are priced much less than what they can typically find on their own through private insurance because they are underwritten for a student group which is typically young and healthy.

Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc. brings 46 years of hands-on experience, spanning three generations in this family business, to provide comprehensive insurance programs for students, athletic teams, and athletes.

Our customers appreciate our accessibility, our flexibility, and our knowledge of this marketplace.

As an independent insurance agency, we work with the insurance companies and claim processing centers specializing in this industry to bring you several proposals, enabling you to select the insurance plan that best meets your requirements and budget. Our knowledge of this marketplace allows us to provide you with informed quotes, providing advice as to which insurer may have the most complete offer with the best discounts for medical services, provide you with the best reporting, enabling tracking of paid and pending claims, and the most accessible claims representatives.

Customer satisfaction within the guidelines of the benefits you select is our primary goal. We are happy to work alongside your local agent, if this is your preference, to provide the continuity in customer service you may request.

We create account-specific websites which provide access to the master policy, claim filing instructions, online ID cards that can be printed when an accidental injury occurs, online claim inquiry where authorized personnel and the insured can view activity on their claim’s payment, and even an on-line “chat” feature, where contact can be made with an AIP Customer Service Representative for written instruction.

We are with you at claim time, too. We are available to assist your student in completing and filing their claim. Sometimes our personal attention may be needed to expedite claim payments, whether it be in contacting the primary insurer to obtain EOB’s so balances of charges can be paid, or negotiating with your local medical providers when their charges may exceed “usual and customary” to bring them into payment range. Whatever the situation, we are there for you.

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